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Our Mission

We created the International Basketball Academy (IBA) to provide an inclusive and exciting international environment for kids to develop their basketball skills and social connections. Located in the heart of the international community in Bucharest, we welcome players from around the world to join our enthusiastic family!

Through expert coaching, individually tailored skill programs, and state-of-the-art facilities we will help our players improve their abilities and build confidence both on and off the court. 


Together we will foster a culture of respect, teamwork and excellence; whilst also seeking to contribute to the holistic development of our community through events, workshops and outreach programs that celebrate what we stand for. 

Whether you're a beginner looking for an exciting new hobby or an experienced player with dreams of playing pro, we got you covered! Our team can't wait to see you in a Panther jersey!

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The Academy

A group photo of young basketball academy players smiling. The front plater is holding a basketball. They are an international group from different nationalities playing basketball together.
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Skill Development

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A basketball player training with a private coach. He is dribbling the ball into the paint during a drill.
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Our Academy

IBA offers our players a year-round haven to develop their basketball skills, teamwork and competitive spirit. Through weekly practices and meaningful competition we will provide a platform for our players to get better every day!


We will make sure both our boys and girls teams compete regularly within the Bucharest area offering them a chance to show off their new skills in game situations!



1-on-1 Skill Development

We also offer private customized skill development sessions on a first-come first-serve basis. Every player deserves a chance to perfect their craft and we're here to make that happen!


Regardless of level, position or age; we will devote 100% attention to improving your game as we shape our sessions according to your personal strengths & weaknesses.


Shooting Gun Workouts


Every NBA, NCAA and Euroleague team owns a shooting machine; so we thought we'd join in the fun! Whether its perfecting form, expanding range or accelerating your release; we have you covered!

Providing an effective and efficient way to elevate your shooting skills, we will also offer tailored workouts using our Dr. Dish shooting gun to make your jumpshot automatic!


Contact Us!

Bulevardul Pipera 196

Voluntari, Romania 077190

+40 758-191-396

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Thanks for reaching out. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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