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Welcome to our Skills Development Program, where we believe in the power of individualized instruction & tailored workouts. We understand that in order to reach peak performance on the basketball court, players need more than just team practices & games. That's why we offer 1-on-1 private workouts and cutting-edge shooting gun sessions to supplement their training regimen.

Our experienced coaches are dedicated to providing detailed, player tailored, elite training to help athletes refine their techniques, enhance their basketball IQ & elevate their overall game. We emphasize personalized attention, ensuring that each player receives customized workouts designed to address their specific needs & goals.

Whether it's honing shooting accuracy, improving ball handling, developing court vision, or enhancing defensive skills, our Skills Training program is designed to unlock each player's full potential. Through our specialized workouts, our players will enjoy targeted training helping them excel in their respective positions.

Join us in the pursuit of excellence as we provide the resources, expertise, and dedication needed to take your skills to the next level!

A young girl waits for the automatic rebounding machine to pass her the ball.

1-on-1 Skill Development

At IBA we place an emphasis on the holistic basketball player. In order to further support our athletes, we will offer private customized skill development sessions on a first-come first-serve basis. Although this is meant to be a private session, small group sign-ups will also be available!


No matter your level, position or age; we encourage you to sign up & begin to perfect your game!

Shooting Gun Sessions

Our shooting gun sessions offer a revolutionary training method for players of all levels. With adjustable shooting positions, customizable shooting drills, & instant feedback, players can fine-tune their shooting mechanics & develop a consistent stroke.

Step into the world of precision shooting & boost your game to new sharp shooter heights!

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