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Shooting Gun

Supplementing our individual workouts, we will make use of our automated shooting gun by offering sessions to perfect our athletes' shot mechanics, speed & precision. Everyone is welcome to sign up for an available session!

Stage Mist

IBA's 4 Keys To Become A Lethal Shooter 

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Practice makes perfect isn't a myth. It's a science. Through repetition, we build myelin in our neurons which increases the speed at which they signal to one another. This is what we call muscle memory! On the court, this means taking it at a step at a time. Starting close to the basket and perfecting our mechanics before we make the leap to the three-point line.

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Mastering the art of shooting is a delicate balance that starts from the core of your legs. It's essential to optimize your strength for a smooth release but this doesn't mean that we need to squat all day. We need to preserve our body's longevity; which means taking pressure off your knees and back by avoiding over-lifting while partaking in exercises that build knee strength like bike-riding. NBA GM's always say that a players best ability, is their availability!


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There are many ways in which players can develop their attention to the game. Whether through breathing techniques, mindfulness or imagery practice; learning to block out what you cannot control is crucial. If an athlete manages to do that, he will master the art of shooting. It won't matter if they're in the gym by themselves or in front of 20,000 people, it will all be the same!

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Eating the correct way impacts our physical abilities and our shooting. This doesn't mean that everyone should follow a meal-plan and count their calories. Understanding healthy eating patterns and avoiding impulsive snacking habits is enough to see results. Try to not overeat before workouts but make sure you have enough energy in your body to perform. A peanut-butter banana toast usually does the trick! The best shooters take careful care of their health and it shows up in their shooting percentages! 


Shooting Techniques We Will Master

Support Hand Mechanics
Hand & Wrist Grip
Elbow Mechanics
Eye Movement &
Hip Positioning
Center of Gravity Control 
& Balance
Knee Stability & Flexure
Generating Leg-Powered Upward Force 
Feet Positioning &
Landing Mechanics
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