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David Georgiev - Founder and Head of Basketball Development

David Georgiev


Marta Fodor

Head Coach - Girls

Srdjan Solkotović

Head Coach - Boys

Black Background

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Our founder and coach David Georgiev coach profile photo.

David Georgiev

Founder & Coach

Introducing Coach David! IBA's founder and driving force behind our remarkable basketball academy. With an extensive background in the sport & a true passion for nurturing young talent, David brings a wealth of knowledge & expertise to our team.

An AISB alumni himself, Coach David understands what it means to walk in our athletes' shoes. He was a former standout player, 4-time MVP & captain of the basketball team; whose exceptional leadership skills helped lay the foundation for the generations that followed. While still in high school, David garnered professional playing experience as well, playing for Steaua Bucuresti in the Romanian National League at just 16 years old.

After graduating in 2015, David went on to play basketball at the NCAA Division I level for 5 years in the United States. This invaluable time honed his skills & instilled a deep understanding of the intricacies & demands of high-level competition. During his time overseas, David had the pleasure of meeting, playing & training alongside established coaches with NBA experience. In the summer months, he proudly represented his home country of Macedonia; playing for the National Team U16-U20 at many FIBA European Championships. This exposure has enriched his coaching style, providing our athletes with a global perspective & a well-rounded approach to the game. 

Academically, David holds a degree in Business & Entrepreneurship from the esteemed University of Southern California (USC), graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors; demonstrating his intellect, strategic mindset & emphasis on academics.


This background will not only guide our athletes on the court but also instill valuable life skills & a strong work ethic that extends far beyond the game of basketball. With a deep empathy for the journey of our athletes, David stands as a mentor, offering guidance & support every step of the way.

Under his  expert leadership, our basketball academy is dedicated to fostering an environment that balances professionalism with a sense of fun and camaraderie!

Image by Andre Tan


Quan Jackson
I've always been impressed by David's basketball IQ; he could always make the smart play. In our fast-paced game, it's important to possess that quality as a player.

Quan Jackson, former NCAA D1 standout player and current European pro

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